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Timepieces by Jonah Koppel and Alta Price


Alta Price and Jonah Koppel

Timepiece, 2011
various durations
glass/stainless steel salt & pepper or sugar shakers, glass beads, galvanized steel wire, paper collage elements, archival adhesives
various sizes, each piece unique

Timepiece 02: Diego Velázquez' Las Meninas + The Waterseller of Seville
Timepiece 03: a hand + the detail of a column by Jonah Koppel
Timepiece 05: two kerchiefs from Portrait of the Infanta Maria Teresa by Diego Velázquez + Aphrodite of the Cnidians
Timepiece 10: Head of Shapur II + drawing of a broken castle by Jonah Koppel
Timepiece 13: detail from the Parthenon frieze + drawing of a broken mask by Jonah Koppel
Timepiece 14: two drawings of buildings by Jonah Koppel
Timepiece 15: Buzz Aldrin on the moon + Degas's Prima Ballerina
Timepiece 17: Parmigianino's Madonna of the Long Neck + Raphael's School of Athens
Timepiece 18: feet from Charioteer of Delphi + Aululs Metellus
Timepiece 19: detail of Mars from Todi + drawing by Jonah Koppel of a head and sky
Timepiece 21: two drawings by Jonah Koppel of a faun and a cherub
Timepiece 22: ancient Greek vase + drawing by Alta Price
Timepiece 23: two drawings by Jonah Koppel of a unicorn and a hand
Timepiece 24: Mona Lisa collage + Minaret of the Mosque of Mutawakkil


Each of these unique, hand-made Timepieces by the artists Alta Price and Jonah Koppel captures the feeling of an hourglass but subverts the meaning and function through the artists’ ingenuity in dealing with this classic object.

Each timepiece keeps a unique time ranging from seconds to multiple minutes, and as the glass beads sift down from the top shaker imagery is revealed from the top while covering that in the bottom. Hanging within each shaker are archived cut-outs of such varied subjects as the young Infanta Margarita from Diego Velázquez’ Las Meninas; to the Empire State Building; or original drawings by the artists. Archived within these banal forms these artistic moments become both monumental and trite, but each timepiece’ ability to capture the essence of their unique impressions is timeless.

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