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WALK03   (Untitled) Pitcher by Kara Walker
HUNB02   Untitled (Floor Lamp with Palm Lake) by Bryan Hunt
LOPM14   Brass Nut Ring by Michelle Lopez
MAOY02   Chukar Chandelier by Yeni Mao
LEWS03   Coffee table by Sol LeWitt
WHIR01   Daybed by Rachel Whiteread
OTTT02   Elijah Cup by Tom Otterness
EFFE70   Eraser earrings by E for Effort
EFFE60   Eraser rings by E for Effort
JENM03   Foot Stamp by Malia Jensen
LEWS13   Geometric Figures Superimposed Tile by Sol LeWitt
LEWS15   Geometric Figures Within Square Tiles by Sol LeWitt
LEWS14   Geometric Figures Tiles by Sol LeWitt
WHIP01   Inverted Leaf/California Sycamore by Pae White
LEWS16   Lines in 4 Directions Tiles by Sol LeWitt
SHEC02   Madame de Pompadour (née Poisson)
tureen by Cindy Sherman
SHEC03   Madame de Pompadour (née Poisson)
dinner service by Cindy Sherman
ARIJ01-0022   Plates by Jorge Julián Aristizábal - Glory Hole (small)
KURC01   Quarter Round Armchair by Christopher Kurtz
KURC05   Quarter Round Dining Chair by Christopher Kurtz
KURC06   Quarter Round Side Chair by Christopher Kurtz
KURC04   Quarter Round Stool by Christopher Kurtz
OTTT01   Seder Plate by Tom Otterness
MIRH01   Shipped Bench by Helen Mirra
LEWS06   Star Within Circle & Square Tiles by Sol LeWitt
KLEY03   Table rose by Yves Klein
CHAJ01   Tasted Snow by John Chamberlain
MCEJ01   The Center Is Everywhere by Josiah McElheny
HUNB01   Untitled (Table Lamp with Crater Lake) by Bryan Hunt
SAMB01   Watch the Birdie birdhouse by Bill Samios
STOJ02   With Your Salad by Jessica Stockholder
LEWS05   10 Point Star Within 3 Circles platter by Sol LeWitt
BOUL01   10am is When You Come To Me mugs by Louise Bourgeois
LIGO08   420 Globe (Deluxe) by LigoranoReese
LIGO07   420 Globe (Standard) by LigoranoReese
SIGK01   Ísafjörður Series by Katrín Sigurðardóttir
LIGO15   Abstract Expressionism Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO12   after / thought Lenticular by LigoranoReese
MORY01   Aimai-no-bi (Ambiguous Beauty) by Yasumasa Morimura
ALFB01   All Around Us wallpaper by Brian Alfred
PRUR02   All the Pandas wallpaper by Rob Pruitt
ALFB02   Along The Banks... wallpaper by Brian Alfred
LEPA02   Amanda by Amanda Lepore (Sparkle Top)
LEPA03   Amanda by Amanda Lepore (Standard)
CONC02   Ambien Pillows by Chrissy Conant
HIBR01   Andy Dandy wallpaper by The Hilton Brothers
JENM01   Apple Pipe by Malia Jensen
JUDD47   Armchair by Donald Judd
AZUE01   Artists for Azuero Plate Set includes Ruscha, Prince, Lin, Heilmann, Gornick, Fernandez
hark04   Baby Pull Toy by Keith Haring
CATM12   Baking Dish by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari
KOOJ08   Banality Espresso Set by Jeff Koons
KOOJ09   Banality Platter by Jeff Koons
KOOJ07   Banality Series Place Setting (Michael Jackson) by Jeff Koons
KOOJ10   Banality Service Plate (Michael Jackson & Bubbles) by Jeff Koons
SITB01   Banana Pipe by Lisa Sitko
LOPM08   Band-Aid Rings by Michelle Lopez
LIGO16   Bauhaus Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
BOUL07   Be Calm Onesie by Louise Bourgeois
KATA06   Beach Towel by Alex Katz
KRUB01   Beach/bath towel by Barbara Kruger
BROC02   Beach/bath towel by Cecily Brown
LIGG01   Beach/bath towel by Glenn Ligon
ROSJ01   Beach/bath towel by James Rosenquist
SCHJ01   beach/bath towel by Julian Schnabel
WILK01   Beach/bath towel by Kehinde Wiley
MCYR01   Beach/bath towel by Ryan McGinley
KUSY03   Beach/bath towel by Yayoi Kusama
MUAR01   Between the Lines Coloring Book by mulitple artists
EUDP02   Birdhouse by Peter Eudenbach
CATM08   Bitten Soap by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari
QUIM02   Black Stealth Desire Scarf by Marc Quinn
HODJ01   Blanket by Jim Hodges
HIBR02   Blossom Dearie wallpaper by The Hilton Brothers
GERJ01   BONE CUTLERY by John Gerrard
GERJ02   Bone Cutlery salad tossers by John Gerrard
TORJ01   Bookends by John Torreano
TORJ01-0005   Bookends by John Torreano - citrine
TORJ01-0006   Bookends by John Torreano - peridot
JUDD34   Bookshelf by Donald Judd
JUDD60   Bookshelf by Donald Judd
MONP03   Box by Piet Mondrian
JENM02   Brass Knots by Malia Jensen
SAML01   Cake Platter by Lucas Samaras
MCGR05   Calendar To-Do List Pad 2016 by Ryan McGinness
HARK06   Candle by Keith Haring
MAPR06   Candle Set by Robert Mapplethorpe
MIDJ01   Candles by Jason Middlebrook
MUNV01   Caravaggio's Medusa (Medusa Marinara)
by Vik Muniz
BROC01   Carnival and Lent puzzle by Cecily Brown
GIRJ01   Case Study Shelving by Johannes Girardoni
BOCM01   Cause and Effect Bangle by Mel Bochner
NOUP02   Centerpiece by JR and Prune Nourry
LAZR02   Chain-Link Fence wallpaper by Robert Lazzarini
JUDD84-85   Chairs by Donald Judd
DAMC05   Chef Mug by Craig Damrauer
BIGS01   Cheshire Smile by Sanford Biggers
RAYM01   Chess Set by Man Ray
hark01-0001   Child Chair by Keith Haring - bright blue
hark01-0002   Child Chair by Keith Haring - bright yellow
hark01   Child Chaise Chair by Keith Haring
KEIS05   Chip bowl by Steve Keister
MUNJ01   Chopping Block by Juan Muñoz
CONC01   Chrissy Homeland Security Blanket by Chrissy Conant
WEGW14   Christmas Ornaments by William Wegman
SIML07   Christmas Petit-Four Cards by Laurie Simmons
KURC07   Circle Arm Chair by Christopher Kurtz
TROR02   Circle Cutter's Room Wallpaper by Rosemarie Trockel
ACCV01   City of Words wallpaper by Vito Acconci
SIEE01   Clay House Tissue Holder by Elise Siegel
BALD02   Clock/Pizza Wallpaper by John Baldessari
ARIJ20   CO4 NYC by Jorge Julián Aristizábal
EDEC01   Coastal Plants wallpaper by Cecilia Edefalk
BOUL02   Coasters by Louise Bourgeois
HODN01   Coasters by Nir Hod
MONP02   Coasters by Piet Mondrian
FRAS01   Coasters by Sam Francis
LEWS02   Coffee table by Sol LeWitt
SIMP01   Collector crate by Peter Simensky
SIMP02   Collector Wayne crate by Peter Simensky
LIGO17   Conceptual Art Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO11-0001   Conceptual Art Snow Globes by LigoranoReese
WEGW13   Cone Deer Cards by William Wegman
JUDD53   Corner Bench by Donald Judd
JUDD46   Corner Chair by Donald Judd
DICL02   Correspondence Kit by Lauren DiCioccio
WARA06   Cow Chocolates by Andy Warhol
BILM03   Cross Frame Chair by Max Bill
EHRD02   Crystal Bowls by Deborah Ehrlich
EHRD01   Crystal decanters by Deborah Ehrlich
EHRD04   Crystal Jelly Jar light fixture by Deborah Ehrlich
LIGO18   Cubism Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LEWS19   Cup and Saucer by Sol LeWitt
BURD01   Cup Collection by Daniel Buren
SMIK46   Cup Collection by Kiki Smith
WILR02   Cup Collection by Robert Wilson
CATM04   Cup Set by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari
HIPO01   Custom Photo of Memorabilia
by Hippopota
HUNB03   Custom tables by Bryan Hunt
EHRD06   Cutting Boards by Deborah Ehrlich
WILK04   Dacia Carter II (Plate) by Kehinde Wiley
LIGO19   Dada Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO20   De Stijl Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO02   Deadly Sins by LigoranoReese (set of 7)
GUEG01   Dear Art Collector Handkerchief by Guerrilla Girls
EHRD05   Decanter (Slanted Lip) by Deborah Ehrlich
DECK01   Deck Chair by various artists
ARMA03   Demi Assiette by Arman
ARMA01   Demie Tasse by Arman
CONT01   Departure wallpaper by Tony Conway
JUDD3397   Desk Set by Donald Judd
KATA04   Dessert Set by Alex Katz
MARA01   Dictation, LA wallpaper by Ari Marcopolous
APFP01   Dingbats wallpaper by Polly Apfelbaum
CALA01   Dinner Service by Alexander Calder
NOUP01   Dinner Service by Prune Nourry and JR
CALS01   Dinner Service by Sophie Calle
KEIS07   Dip Bowl (wide) by Steve Keister
PATE01   DISH Plate Series by Patella Brothers
WEGW11   Dog Eared Travel Bed by William Wegman
NARY07   Doggy Radio by Yoshitomo Nara
GUEG02   Domestic Art Kitchen Towel by Guerrilla Girls
SHRD12   Domino Set by David Shrigley
WEIA03   Dropping an Urn Kitchen Towel by Ai Weiwei
SIMF02   Dusk wallpaper by Francesco Simeti
JENM14   Ear drawer pulls by Malia Jensen
BALD03   Ear/Pretzel Wallpaper by John Baldessari
RAYM02   Earrings by Man Ray
TOMF01   Echo, Wow and Flutter... wallpaper by Fred Tomaselli
KOOJ14   Elephant Plate by Jeff Koons
ABRM01   Energy Blanket by Marina Abramović
CALS02   Espresso Cup Set by Sophie Calle
MAPR05   Espresso Set by Robert Mapplethorpe
LIGO21   Expressionism Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO22   Fauvism Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
WEIA04   Finger Wallpaper by Ai Weiwei
JAFM02   Fjord Collection by Michelle Jaffé
MUNV04   Fleur de Lys wallpaper by Vik Muniz
BALG01   Floyd by Glen Baldridge
LIGO23   Fluxus Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
WYNR06   Flypaper wallpaper by Rob Wynne
KOSJ04   Forme Appliquee (Historique) Buffet Plates by Joseph Kosuth
KOSJ03   Forme Appliquee (Historique) by Joseph Kosuth
JUDD72   Frame Corner Chair by Donald Judd
WALK02   Freedom, a Fable: A Curious Interpretation...
by Kara Walker
shrd16   Frisbee by David Shrigley
LIGO09   FUCK Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
LIGO24   Futurism Snow Globe by LigoranoReese
KOOJ17   Giant Coloring Roll by Jeff Koons
HARK08   Giant Coloring Roll by Keith Haring
WELJ02   Glass House Spring... wallpaper
by James Welling
WELJ01   Glass House wallpaper by James Welling
GRAR02   Glass of Beer (small) by Rodney Graham
WEIA05   Golden Age Wallpaper by Ai Weiwei
MINM05   Goldkicker wallpaper by Marilyn Minter
SHRD03   Greeting Card Set by David Shrigley
KUSY08   Handkerchief by Yayoi Kusama
EHRD03   Hurricane Lantern by Deborah Ehrlich
HIRD14   Hymn Puzzle by Damien Hirst
WILK06   Idrissa Mdiaye (Plate) by Kehinde Wiley

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