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  Wrapping Paper by Kate Shepherd


Kate Shepherd

Wrapping Paper, 2012
5 Sheets of The New York Times newspaper with a coral-colored print pattern
each sheet: approx 22 x 24 inches unique.
This wrapping paper comes with 5 unique sheets of hand-printed newspaper from all sections of The New York Times and from a range of dates <

This hand-printed wrapping paper by Kate Shepherd comes in a pack of 5 full-sized sheets of The New York Times from various sections of the newspaper.  The wood grain comes from a paint roller intended to be used to simulate wallpaper. The reuse of existing materials is important in this edition and both the newspapers and the paint were items already existing in Shepherd's studio.

50% of the profit from this edition will benefit The New York Times' Neediest Cases Fund that gives direct assistance to people in need throughout the New York metropolitan area.