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  Aluminum and Ebony Tower 2 by Sheva Fruitman

Sheva Fruitman

Aluminum and Ebony Tower
aluminum and ebony bangles
unique sets of 4 bangles

Tower 1: full stack: 4" h.; interior diameter: 2½"
Tower 2: full stack: 2¼" h., interior diameter: 2½"

Design/Style Option:

This collection of jewelry and beauty objects by New York-based artist Sheva Fruitman includes bangles, lipstick mirrors, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, hair combs, and hair pins made of various textures and contrasting materials like ebony, rope, silk, wood, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones, all inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of Agnes Martin, American Modernism, and Bauhaus architecture.

Some examples include the elegant wood and lacquered bangle sets made from rare Chinese wood that emphasize the artist's acute eye and understanding of natural materials, or the structural balance of volume and void created in her stunning groups of sterling silver, aluminum, and ebony bangles that can be stacked like geometric sculptures, or dynamic rings with over-sized spinning balls of opal or smokey quartz.