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  Ask Me About My Cat tee by Malia Jensen


Ask Me About My Cat tee shirt, 2013
100% cotton tee shirt
made in USA
machine washable

Size and/or Style:

Malia Jensen's new tee shirt, "Ask Me About My Cat" is a fun jab at dog lovers! How many times do you stop while trying to walk your dog/dogs and a by-stander talks to you about your four-legged friend? What about cat people?! Seldom do people walk their cats, let alone get to discuss their beloved feline with strangers, but now this shirt opens the dialogue for cat people. The possibilities are endless.

It can also be a play on words, but we're too polite to talk about that.

Malia Jensen's s work relies on an alchemy between the subject, the material, and the act of making. For this series of tee-shirts Jensen alters intentionally self-conscious representations of everyday things, words, and in this case interactions and through her play with representation and discourse, as well as her choice of material, she evokes the humor and intuitive insight for which her larger body of work is known.